"Building The Sprit of Game"

The 3rd Match between Yal FC and Wolfland FC on the 18th June.

Yal FC was defeated 8:1 by Wolfland FC and Wolfland FC were through to Semi-final as Runner’s up from pool A and Dzongrig FC as Winner.

Druk Star FC are the winner of pool B and Rigzhung FC as Runner’s Up.

Now the semi-final will be playing on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2011

Dzongrig FC Vs Thimphu Ravens FC will be playing on the 22nd and Druk Star FC Vs Wolfland FC will be playing on the 23rd June 2011.

Yal FC Vs Wolfland FC Photo’s

First Eleven Entering the field

Phuntsho Wangdi (A) with the ball attacking Yal FC

Chencho Nidup try to blast toward Yal Goal

Tashi Phuntsho (B) with the ball ready to make cross (checking his player around the Yal FC penalty area)

Nidup Gyeltshen trying to take away ball from Yal FC defender

Thinley Dorji with the game and away from the Yal FC

Sonam Tobgay carrying ball with full pace

Yeshi Nidup with the ball and making good pose and faking the Yal FC Defense

Dorji Gyeltshen trying fake the Yal FC defender

Sonam Tobgay Samba entering the field before game

Phuntsho Wangdi (B) with full pace and trying to defeat the Yal FC defender

Phuntsho Wangdi (A) attempt for the Goal

Bench Players and the substitution

Yeedzin Football Club was crowned as champion of 2010 and qualified for AFC President cup and will be going to Myanmar in May 2011.
Yeedzin FC in Manmar 2011:
1. 13 May 2011 Yadanarbon (Mya) – Yeedzin FC (Bhu) 6:0
2. 15 May 2011 Yeedzin FC (Bhu) – FC Istiklol (Tjk) 8:0
3. 17 May 2011 Jabal Al Mukaber Club (Pal) – Yeedzin FC 0:7
Pictures at AFC President Cup 2011 (Myanmar)

Yeedzin FC Team and Official
Yeedzin FC First Eleven
Entering Stadium

Hello world!

Yeedzin Football Club was formed my Mr. Jigme N. Norbu in the year 2002 in National League B Division. He himself was very interested in football and play as an Mid-fielder and make lots of difference present of him during the game time. The club was finished 2nd in position during the National League B Division in 2002, and was promoted to National League A Division for 2003 and the journey begins……